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Eastern Oregon Mining Association

Union County Freedom Alliance

Baker County Republicans

Marion County Republicans (Vote of Support)


Appliances & More

Aspen Digital

Back Country Aussies

Back Country Taxidermy

Baker Copy, Ship & Mail

Baker County Custom Meats

Behlen Manufacturing

Black Lyon Publishing, LLC

Blacks Distributing

Blazo Sales Brookings

C3 Games

Charley’s Deli and Ice Cream

Cody’s General Store

Cole Components

Coley's Glass Company, LLC

Conyers Creek Ranch, LLC

Cowboy and Angels Restaurant

Desjardins Dental Ceramics

Devils Canyon Ranch

Dusty Spur Café

Eagle Cap Grill

Eastern Oregon Outfitters

Family Tradition Taxidermy

Farmers Insurance (Baker City)

Gravy Daves

High Desert Cattle Company

Hines Meat Company (LaGrande)

Hines Meat Company (Pendleton)

Hudson Printing Company


Inland Café 

Jerry Shaw Country Financial

John Jeffries Spray Service

K Diamond Consulting

K9 Show Designs

Kehr Chiropractic

L&L Excavating

Liberty Motorsports

Little Bagel Shop

Little Pig Restaurant

Little White Barn

Morin Ranch

Morris Forestry

Mt. Hood Cleaners

Nature’s Pantry

North Powder Café

Old Iron Garage Co.

Oregon Trail Motel & Restaurant

Powder River Electric, Inc.

Punkin Seed Productions

R/K Livestock, LLC

Ranch Studio Artworks

Redemption Agate of Eastern Oregon

Reel Vault, Inc.

Shameless Tees

Sherman Trucking LLC

Silk Butters

Smokehouse Restaurant

Snaffle Bit Restaurant

Superior Towing Inc.

Taco Time (Baker City)

The Ad Dad

The Ison House

The Smokehouse

The Squeaky Stirrup

The Waterhole

Treasure Every Stitch Quilt Store

Vince Holtz Seed, LLC

W. Harvey Construction, LLC

Wild Bill's (Halfway)


*PCPs and County Party Chairs listed are endorsing in their individual capacities.

Adam Craven, Brownsville City Councilor

Alan Johnston, Retired Business Owner

Alisa Anderson, Former Baker County PCP

Amanda Miller, Business Owner

Amanda Rainwater, Business Owner

Andy Johnson, Business Owner

Anthony Lasich

April Wine

Autumn Ingalls

Barbara Broadbent

Becky Johnston, Retired Business Owner

Benita Britt, Business Owner

Bette Strouth

Betty Milliman, Baker County Republican PCP

Beverly Chadwick

Bill Adams, Former Klamath Falls City Councilman

Bill Brown

Bill Harvey, Baker County Commission Chair

Blake Bars, Business Owner

Bonnie Cordova

Brad Herrera, Burns City Councilor

Brad Paluck, Business Owner

Brandy Brice

Brenda Burns, Business Owner

Brenda Clarke, Marion County Republican PCP

Brenda Coley,  Business Owner

Brett Morris

Brian Guinther, Business Owner

Cale Morgan

Calvin Walz, Business Owner/Rancher

Candra Campbell

Carissa Springer, Business Owner

Carol Batterton

Carol Warren

Carol Williams, Marion County Republican PCP

Carole Zielinski, Marion County Republican PCP

Carolyn Peterson

Cathleen Koontz

Cathy Knapp

Charity Courtney

Charles Price

Charlie Carpenter

Cheryl Martin, Former Baker County Chamber of Commerce Board President, Current President Board of Directors Eastern Oregon University

Chip Koontz

Chris Noel

Christiana Mayer, Washington County Republican PCP

Christina Earle, Business Owner

Christine Jones, HHA

Christine Worden

Christo Hartman, Americans in Action

Christopher Keefauver, MD

Christopher Wiseman, Harney County Republican PCP

Chuck Chase, Eastern Oregon Mining Association, Baker County Republican PCP

Chuck Knapp

Cloie Christensen

Cody Bowen, Union County Sheriff

Colleen MacLead, Union County Republican PCP

Crystal Rhodes

Crystal Shaw, RN

Cynthia Warnock, Former Wallowa County Stockman's Association Chair

Darrel Denbrook

Dave Sazama

David Furhman, Business Owner

David Holmes

David McGuire, Business Owner

David McQuisten, Former Baker County Republican PCP

David Sherman

Dawn Brown

Deb Ables, Business Owner

Debbie Carpenter

Deborah Knapp

Del Stout

Del Woodcock, Business Owner

Denise Holznagel

Dian Mussi

Diann Price

Dianna Blazo, Business Owner, Curry County Republican PCP

Donn Christy, Business Owner

Donna Beverage, Union County Commissioner

Doug Oliver, former Baker County Republican PCP

Ed Hardt, Eastern Oregon Mining Association

Eileen Driver, Former City Councilor, Huntington

Elaine Condon

Elizabeth Bordeaux

Elizabeth Guidero

Elizabeth Huntsman

Elizabeth Tandy

Emelinda St. James, RN, Curry County Republican PCP

Eric Juhola

Eric Moore, Business Owner

Esa Murrell

Eugenia Lynn Loverin

Falene Olsen

Frances Preston, Grant County Republican Chair

Frank Carlson

Frank Horton

Fred Dobbs

Gary Earle, Business Owner

Ginny Gould

Glenn Miller, Business Owner

Gloria Bratcher

Hannah Hensley

Holly Day

Isaac Moore

Jack Myers

Jady Hughes

Jake Hines, Business Owner

Jakob Phelan

James Hogan

James Kopp, MD

James Whaling

Jami Peters

Jan Burchard, Baker County Republican PCP

Jan Purkett, RN

Jana Woodcock, Business Owner

Jason Jordan Smith

Jason Kehr, DC

Jason Shephard

Jay Wilson, Business Owner

Jeana Bingaman, Business Owner

Jean Hogan-Sampson, Clatskanie City Councilor

Jeff Hogan

Jeff Jeffries, Business Owner

Jeff McKinney

Jeff Nelson, BMCC Small Business Development Advisor

Jeffrey Petersen

Jenny Long, Business Owner

Jeremy Brunner, Business Owner

Jerry Boyd, Retired Police Chief / Reserve Commander

Jerry Shaw, Jr., Baker County Chamber of Commerce Board President / Business Owner

Jessica Moore

Jill Litzinger, Umatilla County Republican PCP

Jim Juhola

Jim White

Joanna Dixon, Baker City Councilor, Baker County Republican PCP

Jodi Furtney, Business Owner

Jodi White

Jody Jefferies, Business Owner

Joe Johnson

Joe Scott, Business Owner

Joey Crowther

John Belveal, Business Owner/Rancher

John Logue

John Philo, Former ORP CD2 Chair and Deschutes County Republican Chair

John Riddle

Johnny Owens

Johnny Waggoner Sr., Baker City Councilor 

Jolene Baker, Klamath County Republican PCP

Jolynn Shaw

Jon Dickison

Joseph Duke

Josh Thomas

JT Thorne, Elgin City Councilor 

Julie McKinney, Baker County PCP

Julie Myers, Business Owner

Justin Langan, Baker County Republican PCP

Kailee Polfur, Business Owner / Rancher

Kaillin Polfur

Kailyn McQuisten

Karen Brock

Karen Morgan, Candidate for Lake County Commissioner

Karen Potts

Karen Shrader

Karen Starr

Karla Fagan, LPN

Kasey Phelan

Kate Grace, Baker County Republican PCP

Kathy Mussi, Hood River County Republican PCP

Kathy Sherman, Business Owner

Keith Carpenter

Keith Jones, Baker County Republican PCP

Kelli Vance, Lake County Republican Vice Chair

Kellie Carlson

Kelly Davis Carlson

Ken Polfur, Business Owner

Ken Taylor, Former ORP Treasurer

Ken Wheeler

Kerry Sherman, Business Owner

Kershin Eahard

Kevin Bradford, Business Owner

Kevin Conzo, The Grumpy Baker

Kimala Parret Hoskins, Business Owner

Kory Carman

Kristi Hensley, Former Business Owner

Larry & Stacie Overman, Business Owners, stars of "Ghost Mine" (Discovery Channel)

Larry Churchill

Larry Shrader

Leann Evans

Lis Rice Thorne

Liz Paluck, Business Owner

Lorne Peterson

Lorraine Speelman

Louise Phillips, Multnomah County Republican PCP

Lucie Immoos

Lynette Perry, Baker City Events, Former Baker City Councilor

M. T. Andersen, Business Owner/Rancher

Mandy Diaz

Marilyn Schollenberger, Baker City Events

Mark Cavener, Candidate for US Congress OR-2

Mark St. James, RN, Curry County Republican PCP

Marylou Follett

Matt Diaz

Matt Rainwater, Business Owner

Matthew Simmons

Maurice Yoder, Yamill County Republican Chair 

Meshell Carey

Michael Adams

Michael Luft, Klamath County Republican PCP

Michael Thompson, Business Owner

Michelle Simmons, Business Owner

Mike DesJardin, DMD, Business Owner

Mike Guidero

Mike Pace, Business Owner

Mike Yonker

Monika Denbrook

Myrna Morgan,  Business Owner

Nathan Smith

Nick Phelan

Nita VanVoorhis

Noel Scott, Business Owner

Noppawan Smith

Nora Bass

Patti Horton, Klamath County Republican Chair

Paul Hunt

Paul Sweaney, Grant County Conservatives

Paula Bartley

Phil Dollison

Phyllis Ernsberger

Phyllis Fox

Rachael Estrada

Ralph Morgan, Business Owner

Randell Embertson

Ray Day

Rebecca Smith

Rep. Ken Ivory (Utah)

Rep. Kerry White (MT-retired), House Committee on Natural Resources

Richard Fox

Richard Rose

Rick Strubelt

Robert Coombes

Robert Culley

Robert Edmonds

Roy Peterson

Samantha Tugman

Samni Bell

Sandra Johnson

Sandra Johnson

Sandra Page

Sandra Wheeler

Sandy McGuire

Sara Honsvick

Savahanna Phelan

Scott Sherman,  Business Owner

Shannon Black, Business Owner

Sharon Bass, Baker County Republican PCP

Shawn Lugenbeel

Shawn Overbay

Shelley Holden

Shelley Horton

Shelly Cutler, Baker County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

Sherl Hilde

Sherman Peters

Sherman Phelan

Sherry Belding

Sherry Haeger, Mayor of Cove

Stacey Zoon

Stephanie Benson, Business Owner

Steve Carnes

Steve Foster

Steve Furtney

Stuart Whelpley, Klamath County Republican PCP

Sue Holz

Sue Lemons

Suni Danforth, Umatilla County Republican Chair

Susan George

Suzan Ellis Jones, ORP CD2 Chair, Baker County Republican Chair

Suzette Polley

Tami Thompson

Tami Wilson

Tammie Williams

Taze Brunner

Teresa Perkins, Business Owner

Teri Fuhrman, Business Owner

Terrie Evarts, Baker County Republican PCP

Terrie Flath

Terril Hughes, Business Owner

Terry Speelman, Retired Baker County Sheriff

Tessa Neill

Thomas Jakers

Tina Sazama

Todd Arriola

Todd Donahue

Todd Springer, Business Owner

Todd Teaford, Business Owner

Tom Anderson

Tom Hank

Tom Hughes, Baker County Republican PCP

Tom Van Diepen, Business Owner

Toni Myers

Tonia Thomas

Tracie Compomizzo

Troy Simmons, Business Owner

Twila Iverson, Business Owner

Vickie Holdeman, HHA, CAN

Vicky Day Davis,  Business Owner

Virginia Roberts

Vivien McQuisten (full disclosure: age 10)

Wayne Bos

Wes Christensen

Whitney Black, President, Baker County Republican Women / Business Owner

William Johnson

Wilma Phegley