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Key Principles

If you believe that: 

We MUST protect the Second Amendment and defend the Constitution before both are lost.

Allowing our beautiful and valuable forests to burn annually is BAD forest management.

Parents, NOT politicians, should control decisions that will shape our children’s futures.

We should STAND with and provide more support for our police, NOT defund them.

ENABLING and encouraging our homeless DOES NOT WORK.

The government has NO PLACE in our personal medical decisions. 

FAILED government leadership and over-regulation are crippling our businesses.

The unborn are PRECIOUS assets and we must fight for their right to life.

THRIVING farmers, ranchers, loggers and miners equal a more self-sufficient state.

The Rural-Urban divide MUST END, and solid leadership is needed to bring us together.

FAIR and HONEST elections are critical if we want to keep our Republic.

America is the shining light on the hill—and we have to fight to save her, state by state . . . 

. . . then I'm the candidate for you.
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